Carbon Quadraxial Fabric

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Quadriaxial Fabrics in carbon fiber, are made up of layers with parallel fibres laid in 4 orientations, stitched with texturized polyester yarn. The most commonly used Quadriaxial Fabrics are oriented at 0º+45º90º-45º.  The longitudinal direction of 0° is always the direction of the length of the roll and the stitching direction.

Carbon multiaxials are used predominantly in manufacturing components for the aerospace, automotive, marine and industrial markets. Cnprotech produces a comprehensive range of carbon multiaxial fabrics, including Triaxials, and Quadaxials.

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Product No. (g/m2) Overall Density 0° (g/m2)  Roving Density +45° (g/m2)  Roving Density 90° (g/m2)  Roving Density -45° (g/m2)  Roving Density (g/m2)  Chop Density (g/m2) Polyester Yarn Density  Material
CKQX600 606 150 150 150 150 6 Carbon 12K
CKQX800 806 200 200 200 200 6 Carbon 12K
CKQX1000 1006 250 250 250 250 6 Carbon 12K
CKQX1200 1206 300 300 300 300 6 Carbon 24K

Other specifications can be customized for production

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