Fiberglass Flow Mesh

Short Description:

It is made of fiberglass roving and yarn or mix with polyester yarn in leno weave pattern or by Knit. The input roving are designed to give controlled wet-out and excellent laminate properties.It is compatible with Polyester,Vinyl ester and Epoxy resin and mainly used for infusion process to improve resin flow speed, It can used In central or external position of laminate.

Product Detail

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Typical Type

EWL500-1000, SEKBXM300/150

Main Specification

Product No. Total density (g/m2) o°(g/m2) 90°(g/m2) +45°(g/m2) -45°(g/m2) Mat(g/m2)
EWL500 500 250 250  /  /  /
SEKBXM300/150 470 20  / 150 150 150


Standard width: 1000mm/1270mm

Standard oll Length(m): 100

Application Instructions

1. It can be used in Central and external position of lamination, no need to release it But it is better to use in central position of lamination.

2. If used in central position of lamination, can save one layer of Multiaxial Fabric.

3. It improve flow speed in flat direction, in the meantime,0 direction is more faster Than 90°.But can not improve flow speed in thickness direction.

4. If use it, no need to use other flow media.

The above information is for reference only in view of product variety and appication conditions diversity all o above information should be as specific user properly adjust the situation.

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