Aramid, Basalt and Hybird fabric

Short Description:

We choose Carbon, Aramid, S glass, Basalt fiber as raw materials and use Woven and knitting machine to produce woven fabric and Multiaxial fabric. It is ideal for applications such as wind blades, marine panel, sport &leisure products, truck and trailer panels….

Hybrid composites consist of two or more types of fibers. And the purpose of bringing two fiber types in a single composite is to maintain the advantages of both fibers and alleviate some disadvantages

Product Detail

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Produce No Glass Weight(g/m2) Density (end/cm) Input    Yarn Weave
Warp Weft Warp Weft
AWP170 Aramid 170 5 5 1500D 1500D Plain
CAWT165 Carbon/Aramid 165 5 6 3K/1000D 3K/1000D Twill

Typical Type

Product No. Overall Density(g/m2 +0°Roving Density(g/m2 +45°Roving Density(g/m2 90°Roving Density(g/m2 -45°Roving Density(g/m2 ChopDensity(g/m2 Polyester Yarn Density(g/m2 Material
EAKBXM625 635 / 100/100 / 100/100 225 10 Aramid/Glass
ECKLTM825 837 150/150 / 150/150 N/A 225 12 12K/Glass

The above information is for reference only, in view of product variety and application conditions diversity, all of above information should be as specific user properly adjust the situation.

Other specifications can be customized for production

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