Boeing uses composite innovation to design and manufacture new storage tanks

news-thu-1A new large, fully synthetic, unlined cryogenic fuel storage tank designed and built by Boeing recently passed a series of critical tests at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. The successful test proved that the new technology is mature and safe for use on aerospace vehicles. The 4.3-meter-diameter composite fuel tank is similar in size to the fuel tanks used on the upper stage of NASA's Space Launch System SLS rocket, and the technology will soon be used on NASA's Artemis lunar and deep space human exploration programs.

If the new composite technology is implemented in an improved version of the previous stage of the SLS exploration, the new weight reduction technology could reduce the mass of the oil storage tank by 30%. "Composite materials are the next major technological advance in large aerospace cryogenic storage structures," said Boeing's head of composite reefer manufacturing. “While their work can be challenging, they offer significant advantages over traditional metal structures. Boeing has the experience, expertise and resources to continue advancing this technology and bring it to the aerospace industry. various applications to the market.”

During tests funded by DARPA and NASA, Boeing and NASA engineers filled the vessel with cryogenic fluid over multiple test cycles, pressurizing the tank to the expected operating load and above. In the final test, the pressure reached 3.75 times the design requirement, without any major structural failure, this is the limit test, the purpose is to test the limit data of these tanks.

"Through this test, we have a lot of data, and thanks to the support of partners like DARPA and NASA, we were able to leverage their test infrastructure at Marshall Space Flight Center," said Boeing's test program manager. technology expertise and investment to continue advancing this technology, which will ultimately benefit the entire industry.”

This technology has applications beyond spaceflight and builds on Boeing's experience with the extensive use of hydrogen fuel in aerospace applications. In addition to its use in space programs, Boeing has completed five hydrogen fueled flight demonstration projects.

Post time: Apr-03-2022