Inventory of carbon fiber materials used in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

The holding of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games has attracted worldwide attention. A series of ice and snow equipment and core technologies with independent intellectual property rights of carbon fiber are also amazing. The following carbon fiber production technology editor will make an inventory of the equipment made of carbon fiber materials.

1. the snowmobile and snowmobile helmet made of tg800 carbon fiber produced by Shanxi Gangke will help athletes achieve better results in the Beijing Winter Olympics. The snowmobile and snowmobile helmet made of tg800 carbon fiber produced by Shanxi Gangke carbon material company of China Baowu Taigang group will help athletes achieve better results. "In the past nine years, Gangke has realized the development process of technology and varieties from scratch and from being to being all inclusive; in 2021, the high-end carbon fiber project with an annual output of 1800 tons will be put into operation, and the fourth phase of this year will also be completed and put into operation." Chang Chunbao, the person in charge of Shanxi Gangke carbon materials Co., Ltd., introduced that in the future, TISCO will continue to invest in the construction of two 2000 ton production lines and a test line. At the end of the "14th five year plan", TISCO will achieve an annual output of 6000 tons of high-end carbon fiber and a long-term production capacity of 10000 tons. "The development goal put forward by TISCO group for us has been very clear, which is to make us better, bigger and stronger, and become the world leader in carbon fiber industry." The spring news is full of confidence.

2. the light-emitting poles at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games are made of carbon fiber. According to the introduction of the propsman of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, the light-emitting poles used for the opening ceremony are made of carbon fiber composite materials, with a length of 9.5 meters, a diameter of 3.8 cm at the head end, a diameter of 1.8 cm at the end, and a weight of 3 kg and 7 Liang. This seemingly ordinary pole is not only full of science and technology, but also full of Chinese aesthetics of combining hardness and softness! The original lighting pole is a stainless steel prop pole, weighing 6 kg. Although the weight is small, the length is too long, resulting in severe shaking of the pole, which is difficult to control. Finally, the prop group thought of the carbon fiber composite material widely used in the fishing rod, which is not only light in weight, high in strength, but also better in handling.


3. Sinoma technology provides hydrogen storage bottle sets. 46 hydrogen buses from the State Power Investment Corporation serve the Winter Olympics. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles carrying hydrogen storage cylinders from Sinoma technology Suzhou Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sinoma Technology) have successively served the Beijing Yanqing and Zhangjiakou competition areas in batches to help the 2022 Winter Olympics. It is understood that this batch of hydrogen commuter buses is the first batch of 46 hydrogen commuter buses jointly developed by Yutong group and SINOCHEM. At the same time, all the buses use 165l hydrogen storage cylinder groups produced by Sinoma technology, with a design endurance of 630km. The hydrogen storage bottle group not only serves the commuting field of the Winter Olympics, but also helps the heat preservation vehicle to provide logistics and transportation services inside and outside the competition area. It is worth mentioning that the 53l hydrogen storage cylinder customized and developed by Sinoma for the Winter Olympics has also been applied in batches in the hydrogen fuel cell police patrol car, fire patrol car and postal car in Zhangjiakou competition area.

Post time: Mar-10-2022