Carbon Unidirectional Fabric

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Unidirectional carbon fiber fabric is a type of carbon reinforcement that is non-woven and features all fibers running in a single, parallel direction. With this style of fabric, there are no gaps between fibers, and those fibers lay flat. There is no cross-section weave that divides the fiber strength in half with another direction. This allows for the concentrated density of fibers that provide maximum longitudinal tensile potential—greater than any other weave of fabric. For comparison, this is 3 times the longitudinal tensile strength of structural steel at one-fifth of the weight density.

Likewise, composite parts made of carbon fiber provide their ultimate strength in the direction of the fiber grains. Thus, composites parts that use unidirectional carbon fiber fabric as their exclusive reinforcement provide maximum strength possible in just the two directions (in the direction of the fiber) and are extremely stiff. This directional strength property makes it an isotropic material, similar to wood.  During layup of a part, the unidirectional fabrics can be overlapped at varying angle orientations to achieve strength in multiple directions without sacrificing stiffness. Also, during layup, unidirectional fabrics can be layered with other carbon fiber fabric weaves to obtain different directional strength properties or aesthetics.

Unidirectional fabrics are also available in very light weights; even lighter than their woven counterparts. This allows for more controlled constructions of precision parts and precise engineering in layups.

Also, when compared to woven carbon fiber, Unidirectional Carbon Fiber is also more economical. This is due to its lower overall fiber content and less intensive weaving process. This can save on production costs of otherwise perceptively expensive, but high-performance, parts.

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Typical Type

Produce No Glass Weight(g/m2) Density (end/cm) Yarn Weave
Warp Weft Warp Weft
CWUD200 Carbon 199 2.4 1.9 12K Glass Yarn Plain/UD
CWUD300 Carbon 296 3.6 1.9 12K Glass Yarn Plain/UD
CWUD400 Carbon 396 4.8 1.9 12K Glass Yarn Plain/UD
CWUD500 Carbon 496 6.0 1.9 12K Glass Yarn Plain/UD
CWUD600 Carbon 596 7.4 1.9 12K Glass Yarn Plain/UD
ProductNo. (g/m2) Overall Density 0° (g/m2) +0°  Roving  Density +45 (g/m2) +45° Roving  Density 90° (g/m2) 90° Roving  Density -45 (g/m2) -45° Roving  Density (g/m2) Chop Density  (g/m2) Polyester

Yarn Density

CKUDL150 170 154 10 6 Carbon 12K
CKUDL200 216 200 10 6 Carbon 12K
CKUDL300 319 303 10 6 Carbon 12K
CKUDL400 416 400 10 6 Carbon 12K
CKUDL600 616 600 10 6 Carbon 12K
CKUDL800 816 800 10 6 Carbon 12K

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